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Looking for Boston Terrier pictures or Boston Terrier dog breed information? Great! You've come to the right place!

You can't find a cuter dog or a sweeter dog than a Boston, or BTs as they are fondly called. The "American Gentleman" (or Gentlewoman) is the original American dog breed and one that we Americans can be proud of.

These sweet and loyal little black and white dogs with the "smushy" faces are pure love. And those wide, round eyes... I melt every time I see a Boston terrier. Just can't help it. And not only are Bostons easy on the eyes and a pleasure to have in the family, they are also easy to care for.

If you're looking for the perfect family pet, the Boston terrier is one of your best choices, in my opinion. That's why I became a BT lover about 5 years ago and it's why I decided to build this Boston Terrier Pictures website...

... so that Boston Terrier fans like me could come together and share pictures, stories and more about our little "lovies"!

BTs are My Favorite Breed

Picture of Gizmo, the Boston Terrier

I now have 3 dogs and a cat... a black lab, a shih tzu (who is actually my mother's dog) and a tortoise shell kitty, but my Boston Terrier will always be my favorite. Just can't help it!

That's my Gizmo you'll see throughout the pages of this site and my little guy is the light of my life. I bet you feel the same about your BT too, right?

If so, consider this your community site. Take time to explore all the pages you'll find here. I've started by gathering as many photos as I could find in the public domain (and on my own hard drive too, of course) of Boston terrier puppies and older dogs. I've even added some BT breed info and a couple of stories of my own about my dear little Gizzy.

But, mostly I want this to be your site, where you can add your own Boston terrier pictures and stories. So, please, won't you join in?

What You'll Find Here

Although this site is born out of my love for the Boston Terrier dog breed and will provide not only pictures of BTs but also info about them, I also want it to be a site where you can contribute your BT photos, stories and memorials. This is OUR site, not just my site... so welcome and I look forward to hearing all about your Boston Terriers!

Start Exploring Our Site...

You can use the various thumbnails below to start exploring the various pages of this Boston terrier pictures website. Just click on the thumbnail to go that section of the site. If nothing happens, then I haven't actually created that section yet. But I included the thumbnail here so you can see what's coming!

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