Boston Terrier Names Suggestions

Ideas for Cute Boston Terrier Puppy Names

Need inspiration for Boston terrier names? Trying to think of Boston terrier puppy names for your new adoptee? We have ideas for you!

Choosing Boston terrier names should be done with care

So, you've found the Boston terrier puppy of your dreams? And now you're trying to figure out what to call him or her. Do you pick a humanoid name? Or stick with a dog-type name?

Or maybe you should pick one that's tied to a personality trait... or what your BT looks like? Does it matter if it sounds male or female? Names can also be tied to the country – or state – of origin. For instance, poodles are often given French names and Rottweilers may have German names.

There are just so many ways to go with dog names, it can be hard to know where to start, can't it? That's why I thought it might be helpful to put up a Boston terrier names section of the site.

Obviously, I can't list every possibility here, but at least I can give you some inspiration and a jumping off point... and maybe that'll help you think of your own perfect BT name.

Tips for Choosing Boston Terrier Names

Match Boston terrier puppy names to their appearance, role or personality

Picking the right dog name for your Bostie can be challenging. So I thought I'd share a few tips to help you out...

  • Pick 1 or 2 syllable names. They'll be easier for your BT to recognize and also easier for everyone to remember and say.
  • Be careful to avoid names that sound like training commands. The name should be distinctive enough that your dog will be able to tell when you are calling his/her name and when you are giving instructions. And remember that words that sound similar can be confused, such as "Beau" vs. "No!".
  • Think about the image that the name portrays. A name can communicate to the world what you think of your dog and what you expect from it. It can also help signify what certain dogs' roles will be... whether in your family or in the community.
  • Don't rush to choose a name. It's always great to pick a name that really fits your dog. For instance, you don't want to choose a name like Sleepy for a playful ball of energy. If you wait at least a few days, you may be able to select a name that fits your Boston's personality or some behavior quirk.
  • Don't pick a name till you're ready to stick with it. Using your dog's name will be part of your training, so you don't want to confuse your Boston terrier puppy by using one name after another before you settle on the real one.

Although I caution you above not to keep changing a new dog's name, it is OK to change the name of a dog you adopt who already has been given a name by the breeder or previous owner. As long as you use the new Boston terrier name consistently thereafter, your dog shouldn't have any trouble learning it!

A Few Naming Ideas to Get You Started...

Gizmo the Boston Terrier on Squirrel Watch

I really think the possibilities are endless when it comes to naming Bosties. We chose Gizmo because we thought our little guy looked a lot like the "good" gremlin in that movie Gremlins, and his name was Gizmo. A BT name I came across on the Web was Oreo, and I think that's perfect!

Other ideas might include various names connected to the typical Boston appearance... maybe Jeeves for his butler in a tux look? Or Midnight... or Panda? Or how about Bandit to signify the mask-like markings? (I had a wire-haired terrier named Bandit once, but I think the name suits a BT more.)

Domino would work too. Sox could signify both the typical white feet/legs and its Boston heritage (Red Sox?). Or what about Riley or Regan as a nod to the city of Boston's strong Irish heritage?

Get Some Boston Terrier Puppy Name Ideas

Those are just a few suggestions to get your creative naming juices flowing. I've detailed some more specific male and female names on other pages. If you have a great Boston terrier name you've used or thought of using, feel free to share it on one of those pages, as well. Smile

You can click on the thumbnails below to start exploring the suggestions I've pulled together from various sources for Boston terrier names. If a thumbnail is not linked, that means I haven't built the page yet... but at least you can see what's coming! Please bookmark this page or subscribe to our RSS feed to keep up to date on the changes here.

Get some ideas for boy Boston terrier namesLooking for inspiration for girl dog names for a Boston terrier puppy?

In Summary...

Your new Boston terrier puppy is likely to live with you for many years to come. So take your time to name him or her carefully. You'll want to pick a name that you both will be happy with for a lifetime. Smile